Group 6


Sharing a constant growth

SG Holding is the equivalent of excellence, quality, and much more.


It is the parent company of an entrepreneurial project certified to ISO 9001, and that offers the best of Live and Digital Communication for B2B and B2C, and Below The Line.


SG Holding represents the basis, the platform which hosts independent entities.
It fulfills the role of the ever-present guide that supports its subsidiaries through some back office activities such: finance, administration, sales, corporate communication, HR, IT and general affairs.


SG Holding’s reality  is built on a strategic and far-sighted business vision that puts the company among the leaders of the event business. With this model, the group wants to keep its main focus on the world of live communication.


SG aren’t just two initials. They represent the holding and its subsidiaries’ spirit.  
“Sharing Growth” is the way we work, is the idea that’s been guiding us since the beginning.
It’s our belief that excellence can only be achieved through effective teamwork.